Thursday, March 05, 2009


My Danish friends always say they are wasted when they mean tired. At first I tried to tell them that, no, this did not mean what they thought it meant. Then I realized that everyone said wasted and meant tired and it was just not worth trying to undo years of universally weird English. Maybe in other English speaking lands they say wasted when they mean tired. Just don't come to America and say that to the cops, m'kay?

Anyway, last night we made it home to amazingly new (looking) floors. The kitchen floor has always been hidden under cork tiles and so it's a shade lighter than the rest of the house, but it looks freakin' amazing. I gotta go dig out one of the spare throw rugs to put in front of the sink. Maybe I can convince my husband that we need to go to Ikea to get one that has color, because the whole damn house is now white and wood. The bathroom, thank god, is still horrible green and grey, beat up, dirty and full of mostly empty bottles of shampoo. The door, however, looks brand new, it is very very shiny white. I rock that paintbrush, yo!

So having been gone several days and forgetting to grab the mail key on our way out, we finally got our mail. And I had a letter from danish class, telling me that my first day is Tuesday. But it's Wednesday night. Doh! And it's late at night when I got around to reading it because I didn't know I was going to have to get up 6 hours later and so futzed around, calling my best friend, oogling the floors, cleaning my email in-box, etc.

This morning sucked.

And since I didn't have a chance to read through my notebooks from all those years ago, it was like, um, what is the plural of green? Am I thirty or thirteen or did I just say something completely off the wall? And my spelling is shot. When we did dictation today, I could answer all the questions correctly (like who did what to whom and what color was it anyway),but when it came to check how I'd written it. Double doh! Stupid silent letters.

You can sneak some of your bad danish by if you just mumble. De, det, and der can be completely hidden if you just smash it into "er." But you are totally screwed when the teacher asks you to write it on the board.

Funniest question of the day: one of the students wanted to know why appelsin juice wasn't called orange juice since it's colored orange and the Danes do have the word orange for the color orange. And the teacher was trying to explain that appelsin was the fruit and orange was a color and that orange juice in English is named after the fruit, not the color, and that it just happens that the color and the fruit are the same in English, but they are not in Danish. He didn't seem entirely convinced.

So I'm home, I'm tired and we haven't put the fridge or the oven back yet so there's no way to make a hot lunch. Do I take a nap on an empty stomach or do I spend an hour trying to make myself food when I can't see straight?

Nap first. I'd rather be faint with hunger than bleeding and tired.


  1. Anonymous12:10 PM

    Just done some catching up...

    Love the description of your new floors.. must look amazing, although I do agree that a few splashes of colour are good.

  2. Hi there,

    My first comment here:) My husband tells me he's wasted when he's really tired as well. It's funny that they use that word.



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