Monday, November 05, 2012

The Picture Worth 10,000 Words

Yesterday, I almost ran inside to grab my camera and take a picture of the most amazing thing: the Northern Lights.

Only, as I stood on my driveway, a few things occurred to me.

1) I’m in southern Denmark.  While it is possible for the folks in northern Denmark to sometimes see the Northern Lights or so they tell me, the chances of them happening this far south are pretty much zero.

2) The Northern Lights are not a pale pink pattern.

3) The Northern Lights do not appear along the western horizon, even if it’s in the kinda northerly quadrant.  That would make them the Western Lights or even the Northwestern Lights, which we don’t have on this planet.

4) Even if I were to try to take a picture of this particular light, my little camera is not going to be able to register the pale pink, barely visible, hazy lights in the pitch black.

5) It is pitch black because it is cloudy.

6) The Northern Lights couldn’t appear anyway because it’s cloudy.

7) So those would be lights reflecting off the clouds.

8) Ah, those are the lights from Faaborg.

9) Well never mind then.

10) Any picture I might have taken would indeed have been worth 10,000 words.  And all of them would have been “idiot.”


  1. Pfsh! Fåborg.. Northern Lights.. who can tell the difference ANYway?? :O


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