Friday, August 03, 2012

Operation Floor: I'm still sanding...

Okay, *I'm* not sanding, the DB is.  And he's almost done.

With the center of the floors.

Let's not talk about the perimeters.  Oh gawd, the parameters of the perimeters... meters of perimeters!

But after five! 5! FIVE! days of non-stop sanding, he's declared a vacation is in order.

A vacation from his vacation.

And since I am sick to death of scrubbing sawdust off of everything and listening to the buzzing and the sawing and the sanding, I said, "yes please" and we're going camping.

We don't know where.  Somewhere NOT HERE.

Until we get back and/or I post again, have some pictures of the cat.  He's not enjoying the floor process, Alot.
We often find Alot on the changing table.

And here's Alot in our bathroom window.

I tell you now, while sometimes I think we should have named the cat something more normal, I still get a kick out of his name... Alot.

Bwahahahaha!  Oh, the punny!  The PUNNY!!


  1. You're still sanding, better than you ever did. Lookin' like a true survivor, feeling like a little kid...

    What?! I'm sorry, I read that title and all I get is Elton. I will not apologize, 'cause...

    You're still sanding, yeah, yeah, yeah...

  2. No apologies needed. That song's been in my head since the very first day when I asked the DB how he was doing and he replied "I'm still sanding."


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