Wednesday, July 04, 2012

If wishes were horses... OMG IS THAT A PONY??

So no sooner to I rant about stupid residency laws, then they get changed!

I would add a link in English, but it's not updated yet.  Oh, here, let me Google Translate that for you!

The big news is, you can now use education as part of the employment requirement.  And it's three years of the last five, so you aren't completely screwed if you've had a child.  In fact, you might even be able to have TWO!  And maternity leave will be included as time served towards those three years.

You can take an education outside of Denmark, you can include work outside of Denmark (provided it all relates to Denmark in some way, lots of fiddly bits here), you can combine study and work.  All in all it's far more inclusive and flexible than before.

There is no "active citizenship" bullshit (apart from signing a piece of paper that says, I will learn Danish and I won't be a dick - kinda wish they'd make Danes sign this too).

The suddenness of it all makes me feel a bit like Jay in Dogma.

Maybe instead of ranting about immigration, I should have been ranting about how no one randomly gives me $10 million dollars.  HA!

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