Sunday, July 29, 2012

Home Improvement: Operation Floor

So it's time to get to one of the major projects we have for this house.  Pull up the skanky carpet in the "master" bedroom (it's exactly the same size as the other bedroom, "master" is really a matter of opinion) and dining room.  We know that under the carpet in the bedroom is the nastiest sisal carpet EVER (which is staying something because the entryway to the apartment in Aarhus had one NASTYASS sisal carpet), but the dining room is a surprise, since the carpet is not only tacked, but glued to the floor.

I'll be taking pictures and hopefully uploading them over the coming days.

First major discovery: under the sisal carpet in the "master" bedroom, is the zinc (?) plate a stove used to sit on.  We can see the old hookup for the stove in the wall, under the wallpaper.  This must be from when our bedroom was originally a sitting room.


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  2. Have you decided on how you shall be improving your floor and what materials you will most likely be using? We’re also on the process of making some improvements at home and I was hoping you could give me some tips. Thank you.


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