Friday, May 06, 2011

More on driving Danishly

In Denmark I have my very own parking place.


"Gods" is Danish for "goods" as in merchandise and other things that are transported in trucks.  And it's pronounced "Gus."  Stupid silent D.

So anyway, on-line practice theory test - shows me a picture of a guy loading something on the top of his car and the question is about how far off the car can something stick before you need to tie a flag to it.

What I hear:
How far can Gus hang off the back of your car without a flag?

Insert moment of confusion.

Then: ding ding ding!  I remember that picture.  GODS! The test man is saying GODS! Thank God!

Only now I'm hysterically laughing.  Spawn, who was nursing, is being bounced all over the place (she's a trooper, she never let go of my boob.  OW.) and I'm missing what the test man is saying.

Doesn't matter, I've got to be særlig opmærksom (especially aware) of Gus hanging off of cars.  LOL!!

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