Monday, May 16, 2011

It's a really small island

So a week before we moved to our new home in a small village, away from the small town that we lived in, we got a letter.

It was addressed to our new address.  The one we hadn't moved to yet.

But it was delivered to our old address... where we were currently living.  Without any corrections being added to the envelope.

Not only did the letter sender already know where we were moving to, but the postman also knew we hadn't moved yet and so delivered it to where we actually lived.

It's a small island.


  1. Very charming! :)

  2. Well, either 'charming' as ML put it, or creepy. You decide.

  3. LOL Patti!

    Actually same thing happened to my mother when she first moved to Herning. Wrong address, but the postman knew where that Asian newcomer with the weird name lived. ;)

  4. Anonymous2:05 PM

    You should totally test them... post a letter addressed to
    "denne amerikanske dame med en dansk mand der lige fik et barn"

  5. ZOMG! AandJ - you have to post me a letter like that! Get one of the kids to write it in big crayon letters or something!!


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