Sunday, October 11, 2009


My husband is currently enjoying life as a foreign exchange student in the Netherlands. So what do they do all day? Make fun of the Dutch, of course.*

This YouTube clip is rather hilarious, it dates from 1977 by John Dowie and the REAL payoff is at the very end.


*There are Dutch students in the class who take the good natured ribbing with grace and poise and who are undoubtably looking forward to getting to Denmark where they can start mocking the Danes.


  1. Ha ha! I laughed so at at 'They only eat tulips' when pay off came I didnt react. Then I told myself oh!that is the pay off...but really its just an everyday thing now. I have lost my will to laugh at the Danes, its not funny anymore :)

  2. Haha. But THE REAL JOKE is that Brits really do not give a toss about the Dutch or the Danes. It is funny because it is random. Wow, the British sense of humour is a real zinger, right?


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