Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I'm no Anne Geddess

"Send me pictures" a number of people cried.

And then *I* cried.

'Cause seriously, it was hard enough to get a picture of my pregnant belly (the DB *did* finally take some photos, which are of course now lost somewhere on his computer leaving me with only my lame attempts) and now I'm supposed to photograph this tiny wriggling baby?  One handed, or course, because she will just Not Stay Still.  Honestly, I ask her to smile and hold that pose and she sticks her hand in her mouth or bursts into tears or makes a monkey face.  WORK WITH ME CHILD!!

This is not my child, but they share the same hairdresser.

And then suddenly she'll smile.

But the minute I hold the shiny silver box up to my face, she loses the cute "oh, I'm going to lay here and smile and coo at you" face.  It's remarkable.  I have an adorable child, but you'd never know it from the photographs.  And when I finally get a good shot and I crow with joy, I then discover that the flash didn't go or the auto focus chose the floor or my foot to focus on.  Turns out I am a lousy photographer.

The Last Belly Shot - taken a few days before popping

I gotta work on my aim...

It's out of focus, but seriously, it's the best picture I have taken so far!!

I can take great pictures of inanimate objects.  I'm even pretty good at cats.  Sleeping cats, at least.

But I am lousy, awful, terrible, and just plain bad at photographing people.


  1. There's an art to it.. you gotta *anticipate* baby's move if you wanna catch the cuteness in a pic.
    1. they don't stay still
    2. a digicam's shutter isn't fast enough.
    So.. I think most cams allow you to depress the button halfway to 'get the focus'... Try doing that, then release when she 'twitches into' the shot.
    If all else fails, try disposable film cams (if you don't have a retro one tucked away)

  2. Some of my favorite pictures from when the midget was a baby are pictures with her fist in her mouth, or crying or doing something other than just looking at the camera happily.

    I don't care if they're "good" pictures! I just want pictures, woman!

  3. Anonymous9:24 AM

    Yeah I should probably get another belly shot or two pretty quick here. We just did family portraits to commemorate once upon a time being a family of only three.

    I too discovered that for babies, a digital camera is _not_ the way to go ("kids and pets" setting or otherwise). Morgan's first few months are all on 35mm film. Thank goodness I still had my camera from Rainbow hanging around.


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