Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Disastrophy in the kitchen... a delayed reaction

I am not a fruit person.  I prefer jelly to jam, I need my juice to come without pulp, and apart from apples, I think fruit looks best in paintings not on my plate.

That being said, I am fully aware that I need to eat my fruit and that putting jelly on your toast does not count towards the several servings you are supposed to have every day.

So I also eat an apple every day.

Yeah, I am the very picture of health.

It's berry season in Denmark.  Or so I read on everyone else's blogs.  Everyone else living somewhere where there are berries.  I'm sure my husband will read this (I show up in Google Alerts - he gets it in his mailbox, I suppose it saves him from having me bookmarked, but where's the romance?) and point out that there are berry bushes all over the island and I'll have to point out that I mean tame berry bushes that don't have thorns and bugs and things.  ANYWAY you'd be expect there to be fresh berries in the supermarkets, right?  Right?

I live on a tiny island at the ass end of nowhere.  It's a lovely island, but not known for it's variety in produce.  Any berries, I imagine, end up on Copenhagen.  

So I acquired frozen raspberries (and by "acquired" I mean I told my husband to go to Netto and not come back without them, he's very good at procuring vittels) so that I could make Red-Gooseberry Clafoutis, but with raspberries.  I used the recipe from Eating In Denmark unfortunately I followed the recipe exactly except for the bit where it says "put all the remaining ingredients into the food processor and blitz" because I don't have a food processor.  I just popped it all in the mixer.  I mean, they both mix stuff right?  Same same!  This turned out to be a major error.

It turns out why food processors and mixers are not the same thing.  Same same but DIFFERENT.

There is a reason you mix the liquids first and then add the dry mix in most recipes where you use a mixer.  Because in a mixer the dry mix will stick to the bottom of the bowl and not become mixed into the batter and you will not discover this until after you pour it into the pan.  You will then have a very terrible mess on your hands because you will at this time also discover that this recipe makes waaaaay too much batter and now you have a pie without enough flour and a pie with too much flour.  Oh, and not enough fruit because I took 12 oz. of fruit to be a weight and dumped them all into one pie pan and not a volume, which I think, in fact, it was supposed to be.  Damn.

So I used the rest of some strawberry jam that I had lying around as the fruit for the second pie.  There were strawberry chunks in it, okay?  It's called thinking outside the box.  Only, because I was in a rush I didn't put it in the pan and heat it up first and this turns out to be important, I think, because while the berries floated in the first pie, the jam stayed at the bottom in the second.

Despite all this the second pie was the better of the two.  But neither were what I wanted.  I wanted something a bit between flan and cheesecake, with a custardy taste.  This did not seem to quite be it.

The final judgment is only evidenced this week - the clafoutis are molding in the refrigerator.  They may have been edible, but that doesn't mean we actually wanted to eat them.

Was it the recipe?  Incorrect assembly of parts?  Or that clafoutis is just not my thing?

I'm going with the third and I think I'll keep my fruit in pies from now on.  And if I want a flan/cheesecake with a custardy taste I'll make flan, cheesecake, or custard... but without any fruit.

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