Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The romance of archaeology...

You sit around a campfire at night, every now and then checking the ground because there may be a scorpion or a camel spider.

Both have been seen and killed at our camp.

Do not give me your bleeding heart "oh but that poor creature has the right to live - you could have just moved it - it was probably more scared of you than you of it" because you don't have to get up at 2 in the morning to pee and need to keep your flashlight close at hand so that you can check the floor for poisonous things and then you get your shoes which you shake vigorously to again check for the creepy crawlies before going out with your flashlight, again watching for things that RUN at you from the dark!

It is said that the camel spider only runs at you when it feels threatened... apparently people playing poker in the courtyard is threatening.  And while not venomous, they do leave a VERY NASTY BITE, so we'll be killing them dead, thank you very much.


  1. *makes note to NEVER EVER EVER go to Qatar*


    Should I send a case of Raid?

  2. I've heard they also run at shadows. I don't know, but I do know I had one of those things chase after me, and I've never run faster to the bathrooms IN MY LIFE.

  3. Anonymous12:36 AM

    Wow, I know in the hills we have some pretty nice sized spiders and my Dad got stung by a scorpian once but hell-to-the-no about spiders as big as my hand.


  4. Can you take some pretty pictures of them before killing them off, though? I don't think they look very fascinating when squished... .

  5. Considering that I've seen you collapse into hysterics over a simple daddy longlegs, I cannot imagine your reaction to those creatures. I salute your bravery my dear. Even I, known saviour of arachnids, would have a hard time keeping my wits if one of those things charge me.

  6. So is that you cluttering up most of Politiken this weekend ?

  7. Yeah, I never want to come into contact with either of those creatures. Those camel spiders remind me of something out of the Mummy movie. Freaky!

  8. @ Garkbit: Yes, yes it is. I don't think I'm quoted or photographed or anything. I haven't even seen the article yet - I've just heard about it. Typical!


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