Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Some predictions based on nothing more than my gut...

Some official gut based predictions. Because although I told a friend just a day or two ago that the markets were going to take a dive, I doubt anyone else believes me. It's really hard to say "i told you so" if you have no proof. Thus I am making some predictions. And if I'm wrong then I get to write about how surprised I was and what went wrong. My god, if everything I predict is wrong - I could get a job at CNN! If I can think of someone to blame, indicating that I wasn't wrong, but misinformed and possibly manipulated in some way, I could work for FOX!

Prediction #1: I think interest rates will rise (so that banks will be able a quicker return from lenders and will feel more confident about lending - fewer people can afford the higher interest rates and so only those who have stable incomes will be able to get loans).

Prediction #2: McCain will win the primarys and choose Romney as his running mate.

Prediction #3: Hillary will get the nom, but she will NOT pick Obama to be her running mate, or Edwards, but maybe Bill Richardson.

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  1. If you are currently wondering, "okay... interest rates went down a bit already" I would point out that happened TUESDAY, I posted WEDNESDAY and I predict they will not drop from here and will probably go up.

    I could be wrong.

    That is what is so fun about predictions.


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