Saturday, January 12, 2008


There are certain constants in this life. I am not talking about death and taxes, because these days everyone is trying to cheat one or the other. But certain things will always be.

1) There is a bottle of soy sauce in the refrigerator.
2) Somewhere in your house, there are dried onions.

Your fridge may be empty except for those things, but damn it, you've got 'em.

Some people may be depressed by this. What about love? What about beauty?

Well love is fickle, and beauty is ephemeral, but soy sauce is FOREVER!


  1. Actually, I have no dried onions whatsoever. I've never even bought or seen dried onions. Is this a Denmark thing or an Erin thing?

  2. Then what the hell do you put on your green bean casserole? (It's a can of mushroom soup, a can or two of green beans, and topped by dried onions - for those of you not in the know.)

    For the record: I hate green bean casserole.

  3. Oh....oh, okay...the lightbulb goes on. But since I loathe green bean casserole with an unequaled passion, I have never had a reason to have such things in my house.


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