Sunday, July 08, 2007

Something to blog about

Well, despite the title of this blog, very little archaeology has been mentioned. This will probably continue because, well, intellectual property laws are tricky things and I don't want to blab about something only to discover A) I'm wrong and B) I've gone and spoiled the fun.

So what is there for me to blog about?

Well, everything else not related to archaeology, obviously, which is what I've been doing sporatically from the very beginning. I'm a dreadful blogger, as you've noticed, and if you are one of my friends you probably aren't surprised since I blog only slightly less frequently than I email and with more regularity than I call.

Enough already! I now have something to blog about and I hope that I'll keep up with it for a little while. (Excepting the month of August when I'll yet again be on excavation and nowhere near a computer.)

What is this? My impending nuptuals.

Again? Yes, again. See for those of you not in the know, I'm divorced and you think I'd have learned my lesson having "eloped" (long story there, not worth repeating) and having a second so-called "real" wedding. So again you would think, "well now, she's done it once, so this time should be easy, right?"

Ask people who have had several children. Is it really that much easier to squeeze out the second one? I doubt it.

But, unlike the last time, I'm actually looking forward to this one and am quite comfortable to let everyone know about how it is going. Hope this will interest some of my friends or any other random person who happens to be reading this.

The first hurtle to leap is the date. "What?" you say. "You have no date?" Well, duh, no. See we are carefree individuals who aren't tied down to conventions, like location, for very long. We perfer to see where the wind blows us, we lead facinating lives of... Okay, we are two people who can't plan very well long term. We're students, sue us. Since my fiance is an up and coming journalist, we will probably not know where we'll be for YEARS to come. And damn it we're not going to wait for the best moment because we'll be old and grey first.

So we need a date. Oh, and we need a budget. The fiance has mentioned that we can take a loan. This is not helpful. This leads one to start getting out of hand with cost, because once you dig a hole, what's to keep you from going deeper?

Conventional wisdom has it that the reception should be 50% of your budget. But it is really hard to nail one down without a date. And as more conventional wisdom has it, the cost of a venue and vendors will vary based on day. Grrrr.

Sigh, the first two big things we need to do seem to be the hardest.

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  1. One would actually think that since you are so untied to conventions, setting a date would actually be easier. Just pick a weekend, any weekend. And'll know where you'll be a year or so from now...aren't I helpful...


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