Friday, November 12, 2004

So this is what blogging is all about...

Well, I finally decided that in order to keep everyone updated as to what I am doing I had to do one of two things:
1) stop doing stuff so that I wouldn't have anything to keep you all posted about.
2) make a blog.
So I took direction from my dearest friend Laura and made me a blog. I will now try to keep it up to date (har).
But don't think that this will only be for updates on my life, I will also blog other oddities that happen and generally try to amuse you, dear reader. I will probably only amuse myself, but eh, c'est la vie!

So what am I doing these days? Well, I am in my fourth year of grad school, I passed my German exam (the first person to write to me in German will be shot) and am now studying for my comprehensive exams which are even scarier than they sound. I am involved in a pro-Israel/pro-Palestine/pro-peace group called Tikkun which gives me an outlet for my general frustrations. I am enjoying my boyfriend's company, since he flew out from Denmark for two weeks, and we'll be going to the American School of Oriental Research annual meeting in a few days. Think lots of archaeologists and lots of alcohol. Good times. Thomas (that would be my boyfriend for those of you who are really behind) will be giving a paper this year, if he finishes in time (he will, I just like to tease him). Meanwhile I study study study and not much else.

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