Friday, October 12, 2007

Updates and things

The date is set for my wedding. I'm a little hesitant to post too much however since I got a rather creepy email from my ex, who seems to be cyber stalking me. However, after I realized that he had a facebook account, which meant that he might be able to view my facebook account, I blocked him and strangely he has not emailed since. Could be a strange coincidence.

However, let it be said that if I tell you: don't contact me, I'll contact you. And then a few weeks later you say: hey, I know I said I wouldn't contact you, but... AND THEN PROCEED TO EMAIL ME ONCE A WEEK FOR THE NEXT FOUR MONTHS, don't be all pissy because I don't email you back. And if you then at the end of this, email me that you googled me and have decided that there are not enough pictures of me online, and how are you supposed tosee me or keep up with my life now that I'm not emailing you information about it DON'T BE SURPRISED IF I BLOCK YOU FROM MY FACEBOOK ACCOUNT AND GET REALLY CREEPED OUT.

Good lord.

Anyway, we have a date and a location that includes food and housing for 70 people. And it occurred to me that as far as my American friends and family are concerned, this means that I am having a destination wedding. So I googled that, to see what was what in regards to destination weddings, but all I got was a lot of sites about getting married on a beach in the carribean. Which I am not doing. Oh well, this wasn't going to be a normal wedding anyway, half of the guests will have never met the other half and that includes the families of the bride and groom.

The dissertation goes as one would expect. Painfully, slowly and with the odd bit of bad excitement (oh, my god, the Risley Park lanx in the British Museum is a FAKE? Sh!t, I have to rewrite that bit now!). I printed it out the other day, so that I could read what I had written (bad plan) and it was rather substatial in it's single-spaced-ness. This is good. The more I write, the more room I have to edit and POSSIBLY the less I have to rewrite.

Cooking has come to an abrupt stop now that the computer is fixed and the dissertation awaits. The Danish Boy is distressed. He knew it wouldn't last forever, but he sure appreciated it while it did.


  1. Poor Danish boy....ah, well he knew what he was getting into when he asked you to marry him. Besides, I doubt he's marrying you for your intermittent cooking skills.

    Kudos on the long dissertation...does this mean it's almost done? Or is that a completely annoying and obnoxious question?

  2. oh I wish it were almost done. no, it is not almost done. it is closer to being done than not done... and it is definitely getting thicker. but there is still much to do.

  3. Anonymous9:35 AM

    Regarding the bride-and-groom's families haven't met, don't fret. Before I married, mine and my wife's realtives were never within 100 miles of each other. After the wedding, they never met, and my parents have only just (after 13+ years) visited my in-laws' house, after they are both decd and beloved wife and I are now in residence.

    But we got along -- indeed, my parents love my wife like a daughter, and my mother-in-law finally got to tolerate me visiting.


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